H 12 Jr Series

H 12 JUNIOR MODEL FULLY AUTOMATIC PREMADE POUCH FILL & SEAL MACHINES The automatic packing machine H-12 can operate on a variety of bag styles, including 3 or 4 sided seal pouches, stand up bags , flat bottom pouches, quad sealed , box pouches and spouted pouches with servo and pneumatic technology.


  • Full servo, motion control system
  • 12” HMI LCD touch control operational system
  • PID heat control system
  • Pouch width automatic correction system
  • Remote control assistance system
  • Servo controlled pouch opening system with vacuum
  • Working with various dimensions of pouches
  • Servo controlled pouch keeping system with vacuum
  • Servo controlled pouch streching system
  • Pouch opening control system
  • No open pouch no fill system with fiberoptic sensors
  • Zipper opening system
  • Gas Flushing system
  • Servo controlled pouch feeding system
  • Servo controlled multi pouch feeding system
  • Printer connection system (optional)
  • Stainless steel machine body
  • Accordance with CE standarts
Awesome Image
Awesome Image